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Lightweight, but very powerful

TLog completes the log tracking of enterprise-level microservices by tagging the logs. It does not collect logs, it is simple to use, Generate a globally unique tracking code. In addition to tracking codes, TLog also supports SpanId and upstream and downstream service information Append the label. You can also customize method-level tags to make log positioning a breeze.

Access to TLog in 10 minutes

Designed for user convenience, providing a completely zero-intrusive access method, automatically detecting the RPC framework and log framework used in the project, Perform bytecode injection to complete the addition of system-level log tags. Your project can connect to TLog in less than 10 minutes.

Adapt to mainstream RPC and logging frameworks

TLog adapts to the mainstream RPC frameworks on the market: dubbo, dubbox, spring cloud open feign. At the same time, it adapts to three mainstream Log frameworks: log4j, logback, and log4j2. Support springboot (1.5.X~2.X)

Stable and fast

TLog provides three access modes: Javaagent, bytecode injection, and log framework adaptation. No matter which one it is, it guarantees no performance loss. Support asynchronous threads in business, thread pools, Tracking is not interrupted in these scenarios of log asynchronous output.

Simple structure, but can accurately solve the pain points of small and medium-sized companies

TLog architecture diagram

The architecture diagram of TLog is easy to understand and provides three access methods. Most of the injection and loading are completed during the startup period. No impact on performance.

Fast access without intrusion

TLog can be accessed in the fastest 1 minute in the springboot environment

Visit: download tlog-agent.jar